Marvel Future Fight Cheats and Tricks

Do you play Marvel Future Fight? Then you will definitely like this post!

marvel future fightIf there is an amazing action game in the app store ever launched is the marvel future fight game. This game is based on the probabilities of the future as we see in movies. The action in the best sci-fi movies is brought real for players to play. If you are a fan of these movies, you will definitely like the game. You will choose your own custom team among the many world-class super heroes. These will help you fight off the bad guys on your way until you get to a boss. The most exciting part therefore comes; boss fights. Various marvel universe bosses will come your way at different game levels. There will be conversations to guide you to the storyline. The game is therefore simplified for players to understand and win. However, you will be required to have a strong team to be unstoppable. This will be done by some tricks in the game that will help you get bonuses, use the best control system and fight villains without having excess damages. Below are some tricks.

Build stronger teams

In every level, there are villains to fight. If this is not the case, the vice versa will happen and you will lose. There are different heroes to choose from. These will have different abilities and ratings. Choose a team that has the capability to fight the set villain in a certain specific game level. Team bonuses are available for best choices. Before you rush to the selecting, consider mixing the heroes up so that the best bonus will be awarded. This will mean more power to attack the bad guys as well as minimize damages.

Choose the best control method

Two options for marvel future fight control are available. You can either opt to use control pad or one-touch. The game is an android app meaning that you will control it on a touch screen. Tapping the screen is the way to control the heroes using one-touch method. Bothe thumbs will be used for the case of control pad option. Your preference should be selected for comfort and better results. The wrong control method for you will make you make certain mistakes that will lead to failure.

Consider checking the hero biometrics

You need to know what your heroes needs to unlock upgrades. You can increase their general stats by checking their biometrics. You will find their details and which missions they are to achieve to get bonuses and better skills. Those that are matching to your specific level are therefore the best to select.

Ensure that your heroes are in their best condition

Those heroes at best condition will fight better and will collect extra, EXP pints and gold. You need to give your heroes the rest they require to ensure they are at their best. Replacing the heroes with others is the best way to do it. Take caution however not to select a different ranked hero because you will format the team bonuses.


Choosing the simplest way to generate crystals

Getting crystals in marvel future fight can be a difficult task, however most of people use marvel future fight hack to save some time.