How Kabam has taken Transformers Forged to Fight to the next level

How Kabam has taken Transformers Forged to Fight to the next level

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When Kabam developed their new mobile game Transformers Forged to Fight, many people that it was going to be similar to their contest of champions game. The game came with new 3D movements and ranged attacks which made it be more of an evolution.  So, since the game was found to be a bit similar to the contest of champions, you may be wondering what kind of features it had.

The contest of champions game is also a fighting game which features a number of 3D characters who are fighting in a kind of 2D plane.  When players are playing this game, they swipe, tap and touch the screen of either their phone or tablet to block incoming damage, initiate attacks and also to activate super moves. Even though dodging also plays an important role, the main back and forth is usually between the blocks and hits.

The producer of Transformers Forged to Fight said that after working for around two years on a contest of champions, they finally had the chance to implement and create a new fighting game which is what brought rise to forced to fight. Even though the basic back and forth are still going to be present in the game, Transformers Forged to fight has an advanced combat feature that is used when it comes to giving players the most authentic and exciting transformers experience. However it is very difficult to get Crystals and Gold in this game that’s why people use Transformers Forged To Fight Hack

When it comes to the excitement, you can take a look at the deceptions and Autobots and just how they tend to act each other. Another feature as is that these deceptions and Autobots make use of missiles, chain cannons, guns and other far-reaching instruments that they make use for destruction. When it comes to the movie, Megatron is known to have an arm cannon which is also the same thing when it comes to the mobile game. Megatron does not seem to shy away from using his stick to defeat his opponents. Sidestepping is also a feature that has been added to the mix so as to ensure that the players have been pinned down by heavy fire at the end of their screen.


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